Hell's Kitchen

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not really a good show, but the head chef is a real dick...

this lady came up and said, you really offended my friend, chef says - how did i do that?

lady - you told her to go fuck herself
chef - oh really? would you go back and tell her that i meant it...


then he asks the bus boy or whatever - could you please escort these ladies back to plastic surgery...?
i watched it. enjoyed every second of it. i couldnt stop laughing, especially when the dude with the docterate in music tried to fight the matradee.


Yeah that show makes me laugh. Its funny that some of those people dont having any cooking experince at all and they are on the show. Did anyone hear the guy that said, "Man I hope I win, I quit my job for this." Kinda sucks for that guy because he is a systems analyst or somthin.