Help: 99 Gsr Dashboard Into A 92-95 Civic Hb

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hello i was just wondering have anybody done a swap dashboard from a 99 gsr into a 93 civic hb?

prawjEKt Cx

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integra dashes are cooler.... i mean yea it may sound like a waste of time and all, but he's gettin creative... personally i don't care for the 5th gen dashes either.


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yea it looks good. but i HEARD its a bitch to do. and something about getting your dash to line up with your door panels or something like that get tricky..


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Just saw your post. I talked to a guy I met yesterday at the junkyard with a 94 HB LS/T and a full GSR interior in it. For the dash, he said he just used the existing Civic wiring harness and repinned the necessary connections. Looked pretty kick-ass with tan leather. He was at the yard getting black HB door panels, because integra panels won't work.