Help cant remove my transmission

:worthy: simple question, how do I remove the tranny from my d15 motor? having a terrible time taking it off. it would help if I had some pics! thanks a bundle


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set car on jack stands, drain tranny, remove axles, remove starter(2 14mm bolts) remove dizzy to make easier. there are 5 tranny to engine bolts(4 near the radiator 1 right above driver axle, 17mm bolt) disconnect reverse switch, remove clutch cable, dissconnect ground strap on tranny located near clutch cable(10mm bolt) disconnect shif linkages(112mm bolt and one roll pin) remove front tranny mount 14mm bolt, and remove 3 17mm bolts on rear tranny from bottom with a jack. remove transmission side mount 1 17mm bolt/1 17mm nut, lower transmission have someone help hold the tranny from up top as you slid it down n out through the bottom. i have no engine hoist thats why i do it this way. its a little tricky puttin it back in but hey once u get a hang of it u can swap trannys in about 2.5 hrs.


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There are I think 4 bolts on the bellhousing and there is another one on the other side, near the rear mount. It faces the oposite direction and therefore threads into the tranny not the motor, took my a bit to find that bolt the first time I took one out. Tranny is a pretty easy job in my opinion. Worst part is just lining it up on the splines when you put it back on.