Help car doesn't turn over!

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ok guys i am racking my brain right now! i have no idea what to do and i am lost. here is the deal, i got my wife a 96 integra 4dr. it needed some work and i am working on it. yesterday the driver side speaker was turning off and on, i took the radio out and i found an bad tape job. remember i just got the car i didn't do anything radio wise i just left it as is. so i fixed the wires and it was working i turned the car on and off while i was playing with the wires because i didnt want to cause a short or anything. so i wrapped it up and started the car and it started with no problems. this morning we go out to start the cars and the db doesn't turn on. i mean it didn't even turn over. all i got was one "click" first thing i thought was the battery, hooked up a jumper box that is fully charged same thing "click", ran jumper cables from my rx7 to the db the rx7 has a brand new red top in it and its charged because the trickle charger has a green light, same thing one "click" so i am lost now what do you guys think it is? starter relay? if it was i wouldn't get that one click right? ign switch? then again same thing i wouldn't get that one click? starter bad? what do you guys think?
ok i would stat by checking all the fuses under the hood. then the relays. then check the ones inside the car. i could be wrong but if all you did was retape a speaker wire then its probly just a quencidence that it wont start.
well here is somethign that my wife told me, she took the car out the other day and she went to start it and she turned the key and it didn't start. she pulled it back out and put it back in and it started. i thought she was crazy but then two days later it happened to me and now its not starting at all. when i get home i will check all the fuses i didn't have time this morning to check them. but for the relay the only reason i can think of ruling that out is because i got the clicking sound.
yeah. if you got the clicking sound that rules that out. sounds like a bad ignition. but i would still check all the fuses and relays first.
bad ignitions as in the switch? the switch was just replaced before i bought the car according to the old owner it went bad on him 2 months ago
try tappin on the starter, i had a 94 accord that did the exact same thing, i bought a battery and an alterator....still no start, so after almost 200$ wasted i was told to hit the starter and bam it started
just saying if you got to put the key in and out then sounds like bad ingnition. but you can try tapping the starter also.
i am going to try that and i am going to take it off and run it down to advance and have them test it for me i just remember i have a guy that works here with me that does starters and altenators on the side i am going to go ask him what he thinks
ok spoke to the starter/altenator guy, i explained everything to him about the problem, he said 11.72 is a little low but i told him after starting it three or four times is when i did the reading. he was very specific with his questions and i answered him with the same thing i posted here. after all that he said the bendx (not sure if thats spelled right) is shot. being that its an auto that can happen at any time. so he is getting me a new starter i can't complain 58 bucks is better then 200!
ok got home took the starter out did the self test on it and nothing took it to advance auto and same thing. then i came home with a new starter and it started right up so it was the starter
the bendix is the thingy that pushes the reduction gear to the flywheel...

my old 240 had a bendix issue, it would not retract after it was started and would make some grinding noises for a few seconds.