Help Dohcvtec Accord

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Junior Member
Can any one tell me Y my accord wont shift into D4??? I have a JDM h22 and its auto. it will start in neutral and in park but the shifter wont go into drive or reverse. I have an accord auto tranny. Can anyone tell how i can fix this problem? I am not throwing any codes. Thanks.......
you can fix it by getting a 5 speed ;) lol... ok, will it not START in drive or reverse, or will it just not go into gear? if it goes into gear but wont move, check your tranny fluid before you do anything else!
You could, for right now, use a spare key to unlock drive and reverse. If it works, it's not a tranny problem. If it doesn't work, several things could be wrong.
check your tranny fluid before you do anything else!
I did the swap myself. I figure out the prob. its a damaged tanny shift cable. Other than that the swap is fine. thanks everyone who helped with my question. :D