HELP engine swap

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New Member
hey guys i need some help i have a 94 honda civic ex obd1 wired for vtec but my motor is no good, blown motor but i got this d16y7 obd2 engine out of a 98 civic dx for a perty good price so im wondering how can i wire the non vtec d16y7 obd2 engine to my obd1 wired engine bay in my 5th gen civic. any informartion on what all im gona need to do or any thing i do have the ecu for the d16y7 also.


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Use your stock harness on the y7, and retain your stock intake manifold. Then run an obd1 p06 non-vtec ecu, and the dizzy from the d15b7. Also be sure to use your old injectors on the y7. not because the obd2 injectors are any different than obd1, but the y7 injectors have a flow rate of 190cc, not the standard 240cc. lastly ignore the ckf sensor near the crank on the y7, the obd1 ecu won't look for it