Help?? H22A in 94 accord ecu wiring help..Pics inside.

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Hey guys, new to the forum. I just bought this car. I come from the Nissan world but bought this accord as my daily. cars been running great as of late and now justs cuts off randomly, seems like a loose connection to me. Ive always had a switch that ive always had to flip to start the car once the ignition is on. Ive got two wires (Red/blu) and (wht/grn) and for the life of me, don't know where they go, as im not sure what they were hooked to, or what car, year and harness this swap came from. Ive done some searching. but the pins I need I cant locate so my search lead me here. Im getting spark to the car, I checked the resistor box, seems as if the injectors arnt firing, There is a wire that is connected to the B+
, or tapped into I should say and then ran down inside the car, So im not sure why its done this way. Anyhelp ?
Pic of tapped wire:

pics of the engine code:

Pic of the ecu code:

pic of ecu connector plug A unside down. Blue and white wire? Red and blue wire?

I have no idea where they go, I would assume they were hooked to the switch together, but ide like to hook them as they should be. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks