Help .im getting nutz- Cel code 43 / P28

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i ppl , a year ago , swapped a D16Z6 into my 97 EJ Civic , and some weeks ago , i was driving home and gave me the check engine light .

Put the shunt into the plug i was giving me the cel code 43 - Fuel supply ..

After check the tecnical manual and do all the tests , i changed the O2 sensor and IAT sensor , and continue receiving the check engine light after some driving time , some times quicker than others , but always there ...cel code 43..

Then i tried to check the test batery (that comes on helms manual) for the engine harness , and all was good , so no broken cables there ...

I noticed that if i stop the engine and rotate the key again the engine light does not come over ...just when i drive for a while...

Can anyone help me , because im getting nuts with these and star to think to sell my belove one that i have for 10 years , and i dont want to , but this kind of problems just put me crazy...

best regards from Portugal


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UPDATE : Problem solved - it was the O2 sensor that was with intermitent failure problem...install new one and the cel is gone for good..thx to all