Help Im In Need Of Wiring Diagram

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ok guys im n real trouble here i have to help my friend with his radio. The problem is that we need to get the wiring diagram for a honda civic DX 92-95. There is one more catch and that is that at this computer we dont have acrobat if you could send it to my e-mail in any form but acrobat reader. my e-mail is your help is greatly apreciated thanx in advance.


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When I got my cd player at crutchfeilds, they also gave my an adapter that enabled the cd player to just plug up. If you havent started cutting wires, I suggest you go to crutchfieds or a store like it, and tell them the car is honda civic DX 92-95. Then tell them the make, and model of your head unit(radio).


this has nothign to do with a motor swap.
use the right fourm
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