Help me choose

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learning in progress
the original color is the blue

Aqua Pearl Metallic Acrylic Enamel

Purple Metallic Acrylic Enamel

Gun Metal Grey Metallic Acrylic Enamel

Burgundy Metallic Acrylic Enamel

i also like this purple

i like the purple but the aqua is closer to stock and its pearl.....i'm having a hard time deciding...i really would like a rich deep metallic pearl violet...


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I want to paint my lude that gun metal color, thats a pretty color there. but then again, i'd choose something with color so that you could paint stuff like the valve cover to match cuz i dont think the valve cover would look good in gun metal


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Out of those colors, I would say that the GunMetal would look the best. I am also a big fan of a pearl white metallic type of color too.


learning in progress
i like the flat black idea but i want it to stand out a little....i like the deep purple tones better....

whats a good paint company?


Buck Futter
House Of Kolor....

If you don't want to spend $3 gazillion for a pint, check out PPG.

Don't use Omni. Omni sucks.


Soy Boricua
Originally posted by civicious@Jun 15 2005, 06:07 PM
Satin black....a.k.a. 'flat black done the right way'
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:withstupid: Yeah..Flat black..I think it'll look
same with that Gunmetal.....


I wanna be sedated
Burgandy = teh win

fuck flat black, only reason I'd do it is if I wanted my car dull and dirty all the time.


learning in progress
in last moths issue of Honda tuning "BOOST"....the cover car is painted a lexus LS 430 black cherry pearl....its so fucking hot...

thats the kind of look i'm looking for...a rich deep berry, purple, even burgundy firends dad will prep and spray the car....but i cant find the color online.

..i prefer to buy a paint kit...the colors at the top of the page are from

they have a minimal selection, but i have no idea were to get paint mixed


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whatever you do paint the car basecoat/clearcoat not acrylic enamel