HELP! Moron at work!

Ok so i searched online and found out where to conect the green wire. to the blue tachometer test thingy whatever on my civic so i got that. i got the ground. my question is where exactly the hell do i plug in the red and white wire... for ignition switch and lighting power??? Theres so many damn wires i dont know what to do! =(


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ok i probably did it half assed but its worked for a ear with no problems so here it is....

RED= power.. i pulled the fuse for the sterio and llugged it back in with the wire from the tach in one of the holes where the prongs on the fuse go

WHITE=lights.....same thing only this time use the fuse for your running lghts. that way when you turn your head lights on at night the light iside the tach comes on also

GREEN=is the rpms..go throught the firewall and connect it to the NEG inside the dizzy

BLACK= ground..any ground will work