help my washer broke!

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I just hooked a washer in my new house, and the damn thing won't work. The thing is a my parent's old washer and had been in storage for 2 years. Before that it worked.

The washer fills up no problem. When the bin is full and it turns to the wash cycle, all I hear is an electric hum, and the agitator won't spin. Also, the thing won't drain on its own either.

I thought it was the motor, and picked up a used one for free. While I was installing that, I checked the drive assembly, and the drail pump. Both spin freely. The gearbox seems good too, b/c with the motor out, spinning the shaft spins the agitator.

Anyone have any clue what could be wrong? My dirty laundry is piling up fast...:ph34r:
when you just hear the hum try giving the drum a turn and see if it attempts to spin on its own with a little push
I believe there is a belt connected between the motor and the drum, if the belt falls off or breaks it won't spin but you'll hear a hum (the motor running).
I looked for those things. It's a direct drive with a gear box. There is no belt. There is a clutch, but when I was workibng on it, I could spin everything manually with my hand through the drivetrain.
Turn it on and see if the clutch is engaging the drive and spinning the drum.
I would do that, except that the wash cycle will only kick on if the water level gets high enough. That means I'd have to put the thing on cinder blocks in the laundry room while it runs. Unfortunately the hot water tank is in a compartment right over where the washer goes, so I can't lift it up far. In addition, my damn water hoses only stretch 3'.:mad:

When I turned it by hand, it seemed like the clutch was fine. Who knows with a load of water and the torque of the motor.
yep you'll pay them 50 for the service call, they'll look at it 5 minutes, sell you a 3 dollar part and have it fixed in a 1/2 hour for 150 bucks.