help needed b18c teg r head jdm onto b 16a block

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New Member
putting a b 18c integra type r head onto a b16 a block what exactly do i need and what are the codes on the camshafts want to make sure they were never switched at any stage

Much appreciated
I am only guessing on this one, but since the Type R head is pretty much the same cast as the B16 head, it should bolt on, HOWEVER; I would wait for someone else to chime in as I am NOT sure about this at all.

A personal suggestion though would be to get a B18 or B20 and do an LS/VTEC or even a GSR block. Mmmm, power. haha Best of luck to you my friend. :thumbsup:

yea it bolts straigt on just trying get codes and refrence to state the difference between the b18 type r head and standerd b16 vtec head cheers