Help Needed Please!

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i have an obd2 b18c (98 gsr motor) with its ecu<-which happens to be obd2 also :( .... my 94 hatch cx is an obd1... how in the world am i supposed to make this work??? please be as specific as possible, thank you very much :worthy:
To make it easy you could unload the OBD II ecu and get an OBD I ( more tuner friendly later anyway) which would take care of in the car and get a OBD II to OBD I adapter harness from any of the many who are banking on this --to take care of under the hood. Hasport sells them.
thanks for the link, but its for 96+ acura hondas wanting to go down to an obd1, i already have an obd1 car just an obd2 ecu... okay so i guess get the obd1 ecu , and sell off the obd2 ecu... then get the harness and im set eh? know of any place i can get an obd1 integra gsr ecu?
Originally posted by speed-@Jan 22 2003, 10:07 PM
click here: obd1 jumper harness It's a obd2 to obd1 jumper harness.

yeah bevis wrong harness, although i have seen the one your talking about, there's a guy on honda-tech that makes all the variations of them all... but i'd suggest going with a obd1 p72 and then running obd1 dizzy/injectors on your b18c