Help, No start!

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Golden EG
so i recenter blew up my tranny in my CRX. good ol' stage 5 clutch eh? :3 anyways after a few days we got around to putting a new tranny in, and i know the starter sat out of the car for about 4 days.. it wasnt dropped or left out in the rain it was safe in my garage. Now we hooked everything back up and to the best of our knowledge hooked the starter up right. So we tried to turn it over and all we got was a clicking noise. So we checked some stuff, the starter etc and tried again.. still just a clicking.. soon after 3/4 tries no more clicking and still no start..we even tried the famous hammer/tapping technique and nothing worked.. could my starter have gone bad from just sitting for a few days.. we tested the battery and its got plenty of charge we even had the car hooked on jumper cables for 20mins.. now im gonna go out tomorrow and have it tested, but still any ideas folks?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: