Help on b16 swap Wiring pics 56k warning


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1. I assume these are connected correctly. Just making sure they're in the right order:

2. Moving to the back of the block...Which of these wires goes where...or does it matter??? (Yellow or black on top?!?)

3. Can someone please tell me what this is and if I need to wire it?

4. I found this ground and I don't know where it goes:

5. I just want to be sure I have identified these correctly:

6. WTF is this and where (if at all) does it connect?

Thanks for the help.



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This will be very helpfull to some one once answerd, nice pictures :thumbsup:

Although you are missing the traditional :calban: picture....(with out the banned by call part ;) )


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GODDAMNIT!!! :lol: I thought u were going to help me out.

oh well...TTT

...I'm going to go put in a clutch and when I come back someone better have at least tried to anser my questions :)


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the black ground that goes on the thermostat housing,as for the 2 yellow and black i dont think it matters wich one goes on top or bottom.As for the top green plug thats your knock sensor for the last pic i dont know wtf that is .sorry


looks good. just remember the injector resistor because it isn't pictured
i need to find out too but i don't think it matters
that would be your knock sensor. yes you need to wire it!
that is correct
no idea what that is! tell us what sensor it ran to before you removed the engine


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hf resistor box will work, the last connector is for the hf's egr valve(you dont need it) just hook it up like it went you your hf and add knock sensor,oil pressure,and vtec sol wires, you also have to add a 2nd O2 or tap the 2nd o2 sensor wire to the primary and you should be set..