help on civic 01

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Hi, i got a 01 civic ex coupe. I would like to know the reason my car is shaking like a tank. When stoping at a stop light or even when starting the car up, the motor is shakning. Now i would like to know if, it just the motor mount that is doing or something els. But when i'm driving it rans like it is a car. So i would like to know from hondaswap here. Also i'm that it is the timing belt of the vaule also... But who knows.:confused:


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ok today i check the motor mount, its bad, so i'm guessing that it is just motor mount that is doing all this. nothing like timing belt, or value. just want to make sure, before i change anything than he mount, the mount is the big reason for my car to be shaking. where can i buy new motor mount for a 01 civic.


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just get a floor jack under it, to support the weight and off you go.


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with the car on the stands, use the jack and a board (lil cushion) to hold the weight of the motor while you replace the mounts 1 at a time. easier than pie.

labe lincoln

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yeah first check the mounts. Thats probably your prob. Is your check engine light on. Its could also be your timing also. If your stopping and shaking bad could be your rotors. I would expect the car to shake during shift changes, but not constantly during acceleration if its a mount. Kinda sounds like timming or in need of tune up.


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Heh weird, my 01 does this too,but not as bad as yours sounds like it was. Maybe I should check out my engine mounts too...


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na it not the rotors i change it, they're new rotors. will my check engine does not show. so my guess is just the mount. i check the tran and the front, they tend to move a lot. the back side seemed okay. and the right side is okay too. i know these civic is a lot harder to deal with. will it be the vaule also??? not sure but my car miles is at 98,xxx. so does this mean new timing belt to or what.