HELP!!!! Part 2


It just goes to the floor. No matter how many times I pump it, and open the bleeder valve on the slave nothing comes out. :blink: Nor does it build pressure. Plenty of fluid in master cyl. Worked fine before now.
Pedal doesn't build pressure nor does fluid come out of the b valve.

Any ideas?


How is that different from what I am doing? I have some pump the pedal then hold it to the floor. Open the valve, nothing. No air, no fluid, no bubling sound. I have done it before, when I swapped the B16 in. What am I doing different?


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ok i had the same problem after we changed my master clutch cylinder...OK first of all..make sure fluid is in there lol! secondly make sure all of the lines are closed and not holy or anything..also make sure your slave cylinder and master aren't fucked to all hell! cuase you could be losing pressure due to that shit..just some helpful hints hopefully becuase I had the same problem hope that helps