Help please!!!!!!

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b16 in 90 integra gs.. No vtec!! Checked and double checked wiring.. Motor was in a 91 civic hatch about a month ago (civic shell is for sale 500 bucks minnesota no rust!!!) Everything worked fine in that... It also doesnt start good. The pump pumps good but only fires, I have to try like 5 times before it stayes running.. When its running it idles at 1500 rpms and slowly creeps up to about 2000 rpms. I already tried messing with the vacuum lines im sure those are right. I adjusted the idle screw too. Im getting very frustrated someone please give me some direction please please please i just want everything to work right!!!!!


So no codes? I would be incline to say vacume lines. I know you said you checked them but I would just go back check. You using same ecu? what one?