help please


hey guys, i havent posted in a REALLY long time wow, i lost my password, haha.. neways... heres the deal, i plan on turbo-ing a D16z6... sorry B series dudes, too expensive for my tastes... neways, i havent picked up the engine yet but i just found this turbo kit on ebay ... i was just wondering if you guys thought it is worth the money.. i just quit my job in order to play a sport so even if i bought this it wouldnt be going on until this summer when im out of school, another 3 months, just wondering if anyone thinks i should jump on this now, or just wait........ sorry for the lame a$$ post, but im tired


yeah, i did the math before i went to bed last night... after i got all the extra stuff that i would need it put me over 1G... so yeah i can definitely do better than that.. thanks a lot for ur time tho


i have a volvo turbo and the adaptor plate for an HF manifold...
PM me if you are interested in a DIY kit, great way to put together a turbo kit on limited funds

good luck


yeah, i was gonna do a diy kit from the word go.... i want a new engine first though, which i should be getting soon in the future, i just need to sell some stuff first.... anyone wanna buy an ampeg 15" cab, fender jazz needing some work, practically new dunlop bass crybaby, or a practically new epiphone eg bass lemme know.......... thats all bass guitar stuff if u didnt know...

now that that is said and done... this is what i was planning for my kit, which will be on a z6 engine, most likely

TD-05H OR TD-25 turbo
any cheap used mani. thatll fit my block and wont be that crappy ebay kind
450 dsm injectors, possibly 310's.. think theyll be enough?
greddy type-s bov if i find a nice used one, if not ill just stick with cheapo dsm
unsure on good wastegates, any ideas?
vortech inline fuel pump for an intercooler, or one of the other similar ones for sale, theyre on there a lot, unless i find a really nice used one
jc whitney IC pipes cuttin myself
all the necessary pipes and lines and stuff not worth mentioning now
guages and whatever else i need will be bought
apexi-VAFC to be bought
greddy turbo timer, just cuz im impatient

everything that needs to be welded will be done in the shop at my school which means either free or very cheap which is good for me

i have enough money now for a complete swap and then some, but i need to sell that other stuff to boost my funds up for my turbo.. so unless i find something really worth buying now im just gonna wait til i have everything and do it all at once.. but please, feel free to give feedback on my kit im plannin for...... im only going to run 7-8 psi

im prolly forgetting a lot, im tired again