Help Plz 88 Crx Swap

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I have an 88 crx with the stock 1.5 in it. I am looking to drop a b16a into it this summer. I was wondering if anyone knew any good reliable web sites that I could get a motor and everything I will need for the swap. I have only found a couple of sites on like ebay, but i dont trust those. I have no idea really on what I will need for the swap. If someone wants to take the time to give me a list it would be much appreciated. Also, what would be better, Zc, Z6, or b16a. I have been told a couple of times that the b16a is better. i would like to keep it on the somewhat cheap side, i wanna do this right, but i donw wanna spend $2500-$3000 on a swap. I have seen some motors and parts listed for like $1000-$1500. thanks all. :worthy:


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VIP is a good source for the motor,but you need mounts and shiftlinkage,also so wiring.Checkout HAsport for the linkage,wiring,and ECU conversions,along with info on getting the right axles.