Help! Replaced HG, cant get timing belt back on!


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Hi, first post here. I recently replaced my HG and put my head back on the block. Im trying to put the timing belt back on the cam gear and just cant! Ive tried everything I could think of.
*1995 Honda Del Sol Automatic
*D16Z6 (1.6L SOHC)
*I havent bolted the head in yet
* I simply pulled the timing belt off of the cam gear when preparing to take the head off
*Followed these instructions:

Hoping theres a way to get the timing belt back on without needing to loosen the tensioner. I cant imagine trying to take all the drive belts off and crankshaft pulley just to take the lower timing cover off (and possibly moving the pistons and hurting valves)

Ive marked TDC on the cam gear and belt. Photos attached.

Thank you!!