Help! what to do about my bushings?!?


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i was planning on installing the energy suspension master bushing kit on my prelude this summer and was wanting to do it myself. however, i talked to a guy who owns a local honda performance shop and he said he's done it before and it's a real bitch (which i knew beforehand).

unfortunately, from his experience, he said that his 30-ton press had trouble getting some of them out. i thought that was rediculous but that's what he told me. he also said he charges $500 to put those bushings in.

so my dilemma is how i'm going to do this. i'll be damned if i pay that much to get them installed and i don't have a press. would i be able to disassemble my suspension and take all the parts he needs so he can do it his place (therefore cheaper since he won't have to take apart and put back together the suspension)? or have any of ya'll been able to do it without a press? any tips?

i definately need some suggestions on a solution to this because i'm at the point where if i can't get them done by myself or for fairly cheap, then i'll just sell them. thanks.


You don't need a press. Just drill or burn out the rubber and sawzall the metal ring out. $500 is outrageous.


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the rear trailing arms don't come with the master kit. they're seperate. so i guess it's just the rest of them. are some easier than others?


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Aside from teh TA ones, they are faily easy, depending on how you do it. A press is the way to go.


a press makes it easier to take the old ones out, but the new ones don't rquire a press as they are 2 piece. I had all my OEm ones pushed out for like $40 then clean everything up and installed the new one myself, its pretty easy.



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would i be able to disassemble all of the parts needed so i can just take the parts with the bushings to get pressed out at a shop?

if so, i'll just try and tackle this task to the best of my ability and hope for the best. lol.


if you have an air hammer you can run them out...

put the new bushings in the freezer overnight, much easier to get in...

or run a swazall on the metal band like mentioned above..