HELP with car alarm!

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well I have a crimestoppers car alarm installed in my civic, and I broke the remote for it (which has the; unlock, lock, panic, and trunk switch) and it disengages & engages the alarm. So I called the Crimestoppers toll-free number, and in order to get a new remote, I need to get the 'number' off my Alarm. They say it's on the box which is usually installed under the dash on the steering wheel, but I dont necisarly see it. Any idea's on where to find this number, or where is it on your alarms??

Ya thats your best bet, find it and look around. I didnt know Crimestoppers had an alarm. Go Ontario!
Crimestoppers deal with tons of car alarms. It`s located in California.
Did you find the box and can't find the number or did you not find the box at all? keep in mind that some alarms have multiple boxes and and the only box that will have the number on it is the the "brain". Try to find the power lead which is most likely to be connected to your interior fuse box or 12v wire coming from your ignition switch and track it back to the "brain" it should be a pretty thick gauge red wire similar to those connected to the ignition switch. If you have a reset switch or valet button on your alarm which should be visible on the dash, you can also follow that wire.