Help With My Swap

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Whats up guys....
I need some help with this little project of mine...I am new to the SWAP game and I dont know what all I need to make my car this is what I have that I am putting on my car..whatever suggestions you may have would be greatly appreicated....Thanks

The Car is a 1997 Integra LS 5-spd....
The Equipment going on the car:
1. 1999 Si head
2. DC sports header
3. Short Ram intake
4. Skunk2 Adjustable cam gears
5. Factory Si intake manifold

now i know that i will need to wire up the vtec...
what kinda ECU should i use....remember i am kinda working on a budget right now...

any help with this is greatly welcomed

thanks for all your help


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hey guys....

since there are people reading this thread...i am hoping that someone can help me out with this...

please lend all the info that you can