Help with poor idle while cold

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Big Joseph
Hey i have a 1995 integra its got a ls vtec, mainly stock. When its cold it somtimes cutes off and will not idle but under acceleration its fine or after it gets warmed up, any ideas.
Mainly stock lol

Anyways. Is your ecu stock or is it chipped? IACV or FITV stuck? What other mods have you got on there? I mean shit I have a 93 gsr mainly stock but it has like... type r internals (cams valves springs pistons yatta yatta) oh and intake mani and fuel rail and fpr
well i just got the car the boy said the ecu is chipped but not sure of anything else, all it has on it is a cold air intake and a larger throttle body, thanks
My ECU is chipped and I got the same issue =)
I'd say grab a stock gsr ecu and let me know what happens
there is no check engine light, is the stock gsr ecu a p28? when switching ecu its just plug and play right no programming needed. sorry im a chevy tec, new to this, thanks for the help.
you can just about dump any sohc or dohc vtec ecu in there. Mainly an ecu that has the same obd type and make sure its for a manual.
p72 is a stock gsr ecu to answer your question.
Timing would make it idle like shit whether or not it was cold. If you have drivin it you would definitely recognize a timing ping if your an automotive tech for chevy lol ;-)

Try a stock ecu. My chipped p28 does that bad idle when cold bullshit.
yeah the timing seems fine, so can u tell what kind if ecu by looking at it, you got any any stock p72's layn around.
Yea if there is a white sticker with a bar code what are all the #'s and letters. =)

I have a stock p72 but I can't sell it yet till i get my shit taken care of. Having compression issues and it has a knock sensor unlike my chipped p28.
so if i run a virgin p72 ill have cel for missing the knock sensor. does a p28 also lookd for the knock sensor, what needs to be done to run a stock one without a cel
Do you not have a knock sensor?

What I was saying is my car is having compression issues and if I plug my p72 in and drive it around occasionally it will drop fuel maps down due to knock. The p28 has it disabled.
The p72 should NOT give you a CEL (less something is throwing it to codes)
p28 has ks.
chipped p28 = no ks as it's typically disabled due to upgrades causing that to trip.
i assume i do, im gonna dig this other ecu and see if there is a label on it hope its a p72 bc the car is a gsr so hopefully its the stock ecu. thanks for all the help.
alright man the ecu i got has to sets of number a top and bottom.
thats a number of a extra ecu i had not the one in my car my bad. just wanted too see what it was ill snatch the one out the car and see what it is.
lol yea you don't want to try that... well you can and if you rev up to like 4.5 you will laugh.

I pulled the chip out of my ecu to see if i could get rid of the programmin but no... i'd have to de solder so much shit.

good luck dude