Help with racing Application

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Lance Miller

New Member
So I have a 96 Civic hatch that I race on a 1/4 asphalt circle track. It has a d16y7 with a y8 head.

First I am not a huge Honda guy. So what should my rev limiter be at with a p2p Ecu? Anyway I can remove it?
Will a stock p2e run it?

When I use the p2e I can get it to run 3 really good laps and it cuts out (dead pedal) I clutch it and let it idle down then it will run 3 laps and repeat.
When i use the p2p it is at the limiter at 5500 witch I need about 1500 more rpm out of it.
Thanks for the help


Senior Member
fuel cut-off on the P2P should be 7000 rpm
P2E is not a VTEC ECU and will not allow the engine to run in VTEC mode