help with smoke in exhaust..

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ok here we go. i thought that my head was smoking due to a bad headgasket. got a new gasket, and still smoke. im thinking valve seal or valve guides. i thought that the smoke looked white, but my friend said that it looked bluish. he also said that the smoke didn't smell sweet (radiator burn smell). kind of a noobie here. help please!!!!


Well, obviously you're burning some oil. What engine is this on? Mods? Turbo'd? Some details and I can help you diagnose this..


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Sounds like oil. You could have put the head gasket on wrong or didn't clean the motor enough after the 1st time and there is burn off


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it's a gsr motor. everything is pretty much upgraded new valvetrain, pistons, rods, cams, sprockets etc. everything except the valve guides and the valve seals. i no i should've changed it, but the motor was running really good before i even did anything to it. i really think it's the valve guides and valve seals. never did a leak down pressure test or anything yet. just want to see what everyone here has to say. we pretty much did the head gasket correctly went to torque spec and sequence. do you really think it could be burn off? how long does that usually last for? oil burning has to be either burning from the oil rings from the pistons or the valves seals/ guides from the head.