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Hey, I did a head rebuild, did the timing belt, and water pump, and am currently doing the head gasket on a d16z6. My gay manual doesn't tell me how to time the car. The head's off, and I don't know what to put the engine and head before I mate them together? What is TDC on it also?

Can anyone give me some step by step's on how to do this please. I really need some help. Anyone good advice is useful, but please don't tell me to by a helms. I have a chilton and am flat broke.



It should tell you in your manual. The cam gear should have a mark on it that says up it should be at 12 oclock, also there should be a mark about 7 oclock that lines up with a pointer on the cover. The crank key should be at the 12 oclock position with a grove that lines up with a pointer on the oil pump at about the 1 oclock position. I hope this helps.



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since i have the helms, i'm going to look up the process right now and check it out for you- if you want, i'll send it over to ya via email- throw me a PM


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When my timing light broke it completely shredded the belt. We just set the cams to the marks they were supposed to go to. Make sure that the rotor inside the distributor cap is pointing to the no. 1 cyl. wire so that the engine is on the intake stroke. On the crankshaft pulley there should be some notches around it that you line up with the mark on the timing belt cover.