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i need some help - here's the story i have a acura rsx and recently i bought a vtec controler - i heard that the vtec controler wold not work for my car because it's engine is i-vtec - is this true? - if you know anything let me know - thanks


i never heard of this. I'm not sure. what one did you get? apexi?

perhaps there is some documentation on their website


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If I understand the base RSX engine correctly (and I am not sure I do) i-VTEC on that engine is timing comtrol only (no lift variation). The VTEC controllers made for engines previous to i-VTEC don't have anything to adjust how the ECU changes the cam timing. I'd bet that the VTEC controller won't work with the RSX-S engine either for the same reason.


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Don't take my word for it, this is second hand information. If I am wrong please correct me. I just guess that because this is a new VTEC system, it is probably controlled differently.


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basically the vtec controller lets you control when you want your engine to engage vtec...

the i-vtec is basically, once you push you foot to the pedal, the i-vtec kicks in...

you cannot control the i-vtec because that's the way it suppose to work.....

i hope that small explanation will help...

if you know what im saying...



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you can use a vtec controller on the i-vtec cars "Power Enterprises P-VTC (Fuel and i-VTEC controller)" is one out there that i know is compatible with the i-vtec. The P-VTC unit has both fuel enrichment, i-VTEC engagement and tachometer output all in one. regarding your vtec controll try it out and install it and see if it works thats the only way u will find out. Get the chilton for your car and find the right wires to splice in the wires to and more then likely it will work but i know that Power Enterprises' works my friend has it.....