Helpppp! D-series

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I have a 95 Civic and I blew my 1.5 DX I have a very limited budget and wondered what other D-Series I can swap into my car...Do I have to stay OBD1? Are the D-series blocks and head interchangable? What swap should I do? I have the opportunity to get a motor for FREE I just don't know if it will work - I am not sure on the engine code either...please help!!!

what do you consider a limited buget. depending on the cash you can spend will give you alot of options.
you don't have to stick with obd1 you could use an obd2 or even a older engine.
unless if you live in cali. then your gonna run into some issues.

but it would help a great deal if we knew your budget.
also what kinda performance you are expecting.
before speaking of what would be best.
Listen man, like crx-yem said you are gonna have to explain a little more about cash. My choice obd2 B16 series isn't even a bad idea. well hope u r in good luck with everything.
Really my budget is nill...I am only doing the swap because I have the opportunity to HAVE A MOTOR FOR FREE!! This is my daily driver and I am not looking to build it...I just need to know what versions of D-Series will work for my application (i need the engine code)!!

as far as d-series blocks and heads being interchangable
the answer would be yes.

and I'd agree a d16z6 would be the cheapest route.
you can get any d series block, and it will fit. Getting only the blcok should be VERY cheap, as i have purchased entire d15b7 W/tranny for a mere 250. So hopefully this falls within your budget. The swap should be a no brainer, everything should line up properly so you should have no problems

Just to straighten things out... your car is OBD 1, and you want an OBD 1 replacement for the easiest wiring.

D15B7 is the engine that was in your car, find one of these and it's a direct swap.
D16Z6 is the engine from the 92-95 Civic EX and Si- you'll have to wire for VTEC and have some way to activate it, but you'll get more power.
I have my old 95 Civic DX engine with trans on it sitting on the floor on a block of wood had the timing belt changed not to many miles before pulling it as with water pump and seals

Im in Maryland
What do you want for the motor you have? I think right now I am going to be swapping my head on to the block I am getting for free...I just hope my head is OK - I hydrolocked my engine and found pieces of my block in the oil pan...
i agree.... the d16z6 will fit right in... 1.6 L and 125 HP...but if u want to go for the gold... get a b16a3... OBD1 like what ur looking'll push for 160 hp @ 7600 RPM....but agen... D series would be cheaper since ur on a tight budget...