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I am extremely new.

I have a 93 Civic DX with that motor that makes an awesome, yet really heavy paperwieght. I want to swap the motor and have a couple of Q's.

1) What components do I HAVE to swap or in other words, do I just buy a motor and put it in? (ECU? )

2) Can I use stock tranny, and clutch?

3)What is the major diff's from the b16's, b18's and so forth?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

D See 2

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if you get a b-series motor, you will not be able to use your tranny.

b16a sirI - 160 hp obd0
b16a sirII - 168 hp obd1
b16a3 - 160 hp obd1 or 2
b16a2 - 168 hp obd2

i believe most of the info above is correct.

this might help too...

b18a1 - 132 hp obd0 or obd1
b18b1 - 135 hp obd1 or obd2?
b17a1 - 160 hp obd1
b18c1 - 178 hp obd1 or obd2
b18c5 - 195 hp obd2
b18c specR - 197 hp obd2

i'm sure i forgot some and i maybe all the info isnt correct but its a start.


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What motor do you want?
Do you want forced induction or all motor?
Do you want a good quarter mile or handling?

I'd recommend B18B/C.