Here we go again!

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hey guys i know this sounds strange to ask but is there a way to check the ignitor and coil inside the dizzy just buy using its plugs .. ?

ie: instead of removing the dizzy cap and rotor... ?
why u may ask ? .. well cause the rotor screw is jamed !
I`m stuck now .. its eaither i get a new dizzy or i donno actually if it is the dizzy

Was about to do the normal helms ignition test but cant reach the wires with the dizzy cap on ! helppp

Anyone ? :worthy:
I had a problem with this yesterday, i just scraped off the plastic part of the rotor, under the dist cap, then used vice grips to get the screw out, then used a dremel to "etch" enough so that i could use a screw driver to get the screw back in.
EDIT: i did all of this with the distibutor removed from the engine and in the garage.
Heh thought i`d use a more conventional method than half destroying the cover ..

So there is no way to check the dizzy internals JUST from the plug ends with a multimeter it seems .. right ?

Btw, i got oil comin inside the dizzy(from the inside of the housing) .. had relpaced the cam o-ring and am 101% sure the oil is getting in from the inside and i guess thats what ruing the components.

Is ther any seal inside that can be replaced ? .. when i had removed the cap looong ago i couldnt see any other seals .. :blink:
I know sounds basic but how do you check if you got spark without using a spark tester ?