Here's how my morning went.


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Well im driving to work and my gas light come's on. So im like "ok, ill get off right here and get some gas", wrong! I get off the freeway and the car dies. So im like "What the fuck man?" I thought the light came on and gave you a bit of time to get to a gas station? So anyway i get a co worker to come pick me up and take me to get a gas can and some gas. So we get to the only gas station near where im at, Yeah they have 1 gallon gas can's, for $9.75 but what else can i do right. So i get back to my car, with this leaking piece of shit of a gas can, that i maybe only got half of the $2.36 of 91 octane piss water in my car. So after i start my car i go and fill up. So im driving into work with the sunroof open, and a bird shit's on me. What a fucking morning.


Ran out of gas
Paid $9.75 for leaky gas can
Spilled most of $2.36 gas
Got owend by a brid through sunroof.

Me= :owned:


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Got owned by a bird, Sunroofs are priceless uh? Im osrry your morning sucked so badly, maybe the day will turn around? Be optimistic your live longer!


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hahahaha, i'm sorry the bird shitting on you was just the icing on the cake... too funny :) watch probably on my way home now a bird will shit on me because i have the roof off the sol.