Hey Everyone...i'm A N00b!

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just want to say Hello! here' my car. Swap still pending.


How is the car the only sharp thing in the pic, everything else is blurry
he is moving and/or has manual focus, you can focus on one thing and the one in the opposite layer will turn blury even when they are not moving (but it looks like he's moving, look at the wheels)

Edit* Welcome to the HS family :)
Originally posted by Afipunk21@Feb 5 2003, 04:47 PM
How is the car the only sharp thing in the pic, everything else is blurry

I'm just an amateur photographer so I'm not sure how one could achieve that effect using a camera but I'm a photoshop freak and I'm sure that effect can be attained using a blur filter after outlining the car with the lasso tool and inversing the selection field. I imagine if someone was riding along with you in another car and the road was straight you could focus just on the car and the blur would just happen that way.. I'm not sure though.
yeah its like taking a fat man to a buffet and saying you can have an apptizer but you can't eat. And I want to eat :p
oh yeah... welcome to hondswap yO!
welcome to hondaswap!

come on, you can go faster than that. :D

...somethings wrong with the gallery. won't upload that jpg. had to use imagestation.
Damn,rixXxceboy,you do some nice PS pics.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 6 2003, 07:02 AM
filter -> motion blur
file save as


you can make cars that are parked look like they are moving :spin: :spin: