Hey Everyone

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Hey everyone, just checking in to say what's up. My computer took a shit so no hs for me for the past few weeks--I'm back in school now so I may be back a bit more often now. Anyways, in the past few weeks I moved out, got a new job working 3rd shift, and I got myself a 1991 240SX with S13 front end conversion (not the engine though). I needed a car to get around because my family moved to Phoenix and I didn't have time to tear into my Civic and get it running, so we sold it and I bought my S13. Anyways I'll be around folks, take it easy.
damn eric, u go away for a little while and come back owning a silvia with an s13 front end?! :worthy: cool! :D good to have u back! if you want to know a good silvia website, try: http://www.nissansilvia.com. they have a good forum section too....but dont leave hondaswap! :)