Hey Gsr Manifold On A B16a2 Possible?..........

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hey whats up again I am thinking putit a gsr manifold harness and ecu into my 1993 dx coupe which now has a b16a2 is this possible or would it even be worth it cause I herd the second buterflies make it run like a raped ape well let me know its just an i dea


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I haver had GSR's, on my 3rd swap. Secondaries to me are a great thing. Overall, top end, your not really gaining anything. Midrange, and part throttle is off the chart, massive gains. I am not sure but I thought that Erick's racing was running a b16 head with a gsr manifold. However I think the butterflies were removed, they did do the swap. You need to adapt the gsr runners onto the b16 or similar flange that goes to the head. It can be done, pretty involved though. Good luck


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just food for thought, how about a CTR or ITR manifold??? They both should be a good swap and it should be straight forward, right?
-the intake manifolds are not my department, don't know too much about them.