Hey, Here's A Silly Question.

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ok, I have a JDM Euro R H22A, OBDIIb with complete harness..

I intend on doing an OBDI conversion. Should be simple, right? Use my stock F22B1 harness with an OBDI ECU(P30 with Hondata s200). How come this seems too simple?

I was thinking the other night, isn't there a difference in distributor plugs? Would it just be a splice?

What about injectors? will my stock accord resister pack properly drive the slightly larger injectors in the Euro R? I do believe they're the same type.

These are just freakish details that have popped in my mind over the past couple of days, I've had to put the swap off to wait for parts and wait till after my baby girl is born.

Is this conversion, really that simple? I know I'll have to run knock sensor wire, no big deal...

Lemme know, thanks!


OBDI 95 Accord EX,

OBDI 92-95 P30 with Hondata.

OBDIIb Euro R H22A waiting to go in.