High Flow or High Pressure?


So i have a ls turbo and i am running the rev hard kit. i was told that i could run the walbro intank fuel pump with the fmu but then i heard that you are not supposed to do that you need the inline high pressure? Is this true or will i still be able to run the walbro


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 22 2004, 12:24 AM
get the walbro 255 lph hp

that isnt a little... much? damn my b18c pushin 350hp runnin a BSFC of .50 only uses 106.4 L/hr. guess it wont be workin too hard will it? :D


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nah, when he gets bored with the boost he'll turn it up and have that extra juicing power behind it.


thanks for the info B i was just wondering i am waiting for my fuel pump to come in i am running it now on stock pump and i am not going into boost i am breaking the motor in