Highway Racing...

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if there is so much traffic that you need to pass on an emergency lane, you should not be racing on that road... think of other people besides yourself
Originally posted by B16@Feb 12 2003, 09:39 PM
if there is so much traffic that you need to pass on an emergency lane, you should not be racing on that road... think of other people besides yourself

:werd: :withstupid:
That must be how it is done in the big ole state of Kentucky boys.
Do they even have two lanes going the same way out there??

:lol: Fair enough.

And to all of you who have posted replies, it's not something that I have done in a while. I have wised up. So the other guy won?

BTW, the stretch of highway I was thinking about is the 8 between Yuma and Gila Bend in AZ. Straight, flat, and little traffic. Not that that makes what I did any safer.
I've passed other cars by going into the car-pool lane but never on the shoulder. I think the rules clearly state that, "you must use an existing lane(this includes car-pool) to pass another vehicle and not the shoulder". - B)
ya dude dont use the emergency lane lol thats just plane wrong and dangerous plus its got so much garbage in it
I dont see how you could even get through there without hitting any debris, especially at a high speed. It seems there is always tires from large truckes on the side, actually just the tread. I guess those were made by firestone.
I guess those were made by firestone.

ahh good times

This guy in a geo kept trying to race me and my friend in a Mitsu Mirage, stock w/ the green led washers which make the car a good 10hp faster. we pulled up to a stop light and we reved he reved and then the light was green. we went off and then the guy got so pissed that he lost gave us the finger cursed at us then drove away very slowly and turned into a car dealership :lol:
Originally posted by B-16Hatch@Feb 12 2003, 09:19 PM
Is passing in the emergency lane considered cheating?

racing on any highway that has medium to heavy (even light...in my book) traffic is for fucking idiots.

first off and foremost 99.9% of people who race on crowded highways cant control their car for shit,
have no clue in how to regain control of their car in case of an emergency....

it is people like you that give import racers a bad name.....

and to the .1 % that CAN drive.....stay outta my lane?
I say it's just plain stupid, and yes I do the whole street racing thing. Although the only roads I race on are roads where the only people that can get hurt are the people who are driving. Back country roads mainly with no houses for a while and no traffic. I know the risk I'm taking, the person I'm racing knows, but anyone who isn't consenting to that risk doesn't get harmed so I obey all driving laws unless I am racing.
As long as you're not a dumbass, and you know how to drive it shouldnt matter...i mean, i agree racing in heavy traffic is dumb, but as long as you use your head...whatever, i'm prolly about to get flammed
:D Racing on highways is COOL if it's 4o'clock on a saturday or sunday morning where there's no traffic what so ever and on one can get hurt but your pocket if you get a ticket from Los cabrones guardias but that's the risk you got to take. I mean why put something in your car if your not going to take some risk here and there but not on crowded highways now that's real stupid and you should get someone "que te claven a la pared por bruto". Sorry it was to nasty to say it in english.
is it cheating if you spread peanut butter all over your balls and let your dog lick it off?

cuz its your dog...

its your dog..

anyone who has ever done it knows that driving 100 miles an hour in traffic is a hell of alot funner than racing at a track.
its more of an adrenaline rush, and adrenaline is the only reason i race.
the riskier the situation the more of a thrill it is.
Tell me that you really aren't that stupid outside of the board.