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OK so i have approximately spent 2000 bucks on my crapped out hatch with an LS... and so i feel like im really spending a lotta money, whereas i coulda got a decent eg if id saved the 2000... and im still pondering over another swap for 1100 and an sir front end conversion with lips and cf hood.. another 1300.. so totals gonna be about 4,400 for a CAR WITH JUST STOCK ls in it... its prolly gonna go up to 5,000 with i/h/e as to where im planning on taking it.. plus all the interior stuff and OF COURSE sound system... prolly 6,000... anyone wanna make me feel better by detailing how much YOU guys have spent?? cuz i just figured out all that money and itts gonna take me a hell of a long time to do this stuff.. i need to find a part time gig real quick to pay all this stuff off.. i broke two cars already that i need to pay for.. head gasket in a isuzu jeep and broke the engine in my bros escort that i was idiotically tried to RACE in (oil not being changed in how long)... ok so this isnt a blog but yeah back to my POINT.. how much have YOU spent on your lil HONDA baby?? :)
shit i lost count.....I have 2 of them...One has a gsr swap and the other an LS..Ones gonna be all motor and the other one is Turboed...You tell me.....?
:p But then again...I LOVE MY


Originally posted by Estorvito@Aug 19 2005, 07:00 AM
:p But then again...I LOVE MY
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I'm extremely happy with my car. I don't think I could have bought a better overpriced car. :lol:
dude you could turbo that ls, ls vtec, many routes now usually its just the swap thats costly - so be it its an ef with a b18a but its potential and if it is what you like so be it
i had a 97 Civic EX show car a few years ago. heres approximately what i spent on it in the3 years or so that i owned it:

- DC Sports DAC polished short ram intake: $125
- Neuspeed front upper strut brace: $100
- GTR/S wing: $300
- Wings West Agressor front bumper: $350
- Tsunami rear valence: $250
- Wings West RS side skirts: $250
- flat paint/body work: $500
- hood pins: $20
- Naxos R muffler: $150
- custom bent 2.25" exhaust piping: $100
- Ground Control coilovers: $300
- 16" ADR rims with tires: $1000
- 17" chrome rims with tires: $2000
- 17" white ADR DV-8 rims: $2000
- Mugen front upper grille: $100
- Autometer monster tach: $175
- Sony X-plod speakers: $225

total: $7945
heres a few pics of it:

1990 Honda Civic DX hatchback:

- Buddy Club body kit: $750
- FEELS wing: $250
- Arospeed coilovers: $150
- 1999 Civic Si wheels with tires: $500
- D16z6 motor swap with installation: $1000
- JL 10w3 10" subwoofer: $200
- JL 6" door speakers: $200
- JL 250/1 amp: $350
- Clarion cd player: $150

total: $3550

1990 Acura Integra GS:

- cd player: $150
- Sony X-plod speakers: $200
- Magnaflow catalytic convertor: $50
- cheap ebay muffler: $50

total: $450


Car $2100
motor $2000
cams $hehe
I/H/E $600
Suspension $1000
Rims and Tires $1200
Seats $600
miscellaneous interior $500
Stereo $400ish

Spread out over, a liuttle more than three years, and not including maintanence, and random BS that, like bi monthly oil changes, clutch, small fixes, painting wings, yada probably nearing or just over $10,000, oh and insurance.

But all in all, I don't think I would be happier spending more money on a new car, since mine handles and runs as good as any, and I like it.


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Originally posted by y0iTsDEENOSE@Aug 19 2005, 07:35 AM
how much have YOU spent on your lil HONDA baby?? :)
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at least 40,000 by now on all the shit i've bought.

recovered some by selling it though....

money pit- yup.

if you can sleep with it, or race with it, its a money pit.
if you can sleep with it, or race with it, its a money pit.


91 hatch - far too much $$$ - stolen
car 170K black smoke 4 speed with A/C bitches - 450
wings west 6 piece urethane and si cluster - 450
tsw white 17's - 200
205/40/17 - 250
springs - 150
projectors - 150
tails - 100
CAI - 50
system - $1000
prelude seats - 150
100K mile motor - 100
5 speed tranny - 100
3 diffrent paint jobs... chameleon, white to blue, then baby blue $$$

90 hatch - again far too much $$$, almost done
car 130K with 4 speed and 3 psi compression - 250
d16z6 w/ cable si tranny - 150
wings west 6 piece again - 500
white 17's again - 200
205/40/17 again - 250
projectors again - 150
tails again - 100
92-95 complete wire harness, fenders, hood, hatch, seat belt, and P28 - 250
paint materials - 200 ish
head back stainless exhaust - 450
"racing" seats - 100

87 crx - one more time, $$$$
90K miles with mint SI motor and tranny - 1500
D16a1 and 5 speed teg tranny, clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, knuckles, axles, bigger brakes - about 600
icw split 6 17's - 250
205/40/17 - 250
new struts and rear springs and all new brakes - about 500

95 teg - holy ass loads of $$$
just too much to even begin listing...
220K chassis with b18 with 2 rods launched through the block 900
h22 swap - 2000
mounts - 400
linkage - 150
springs - 150
camber - 100
cl conversion with headlights - 750 ish

and there's an easy 5-7K in misc shit, new tools, and shit i forgot on the above cars
I've got about 6k in my crx.. Not all at once.. But it has alot of aftermarket stuff, and a b18a1 swap. i/h/e springs, front end conversion.. blah blah blah.. Way too much to have in a rex. But its a hobby. I'd never expect to get that back out of it.
00 accord 12k totaled
ICW 18"....550 new in box

91 teg

blk widow kit/electron blue/18" .....bought for 3k
rebuilt entire engine.....sold it for 6k

90 teg free
lsvtec+swap essentials....5k
paid the junk yard $50 to take teg shell

b16 tranny.....50 plus ls tranny
teg brake from teg
tokico/H&R springs 500

99hb 3k
i spent way to much on my integra and lost it all when i sold it.

Now ive spend a total of 3200 on my new hatch including the price of the car! you can see all the mods ive done to it since i bought it in the link in my sig (with pics)

So ive done pretty well so far on getting good deals here and there :p
Originally posted by Battle Pope@Aug 19 2005, 10:56 AM
YOU GOT A 99HB for 3K??????
[post=542409]Quoted post[/post]​ wife and i bought it from her brother who bought it new in 99.......i just put 100k miles on it this week......great deal huh
im new to the tuner seen..first car I bought has been my money pit lol
1992 Civic LX Sedan--$2,000
1998 civic DX motor--came with car, along with KYB AGX adjustable shocks, headlight kit, taillight kit, lowering springs, exhaust
1995 D16Z6--$300 (65k miles)
OEM fuel pump--$40? dun remember lol could be more
camber kit--$190
skunk2 racing springs--$125
clutch slave cylinder--$autozone price lol
Clutch master cylinder--$ autozone price
2 new front tires due to me putting the camber kit on a driving around with HORRIBLE toe..--free friend works at Expert Tire AKA firestone :)
6x9 custom fitted speakers--Power Acoustik--$65 (friend owns audio store)
ALL THE ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS--free cuase my friend is a wiring genious
that there is alot of stuff here and there...
so over all thats alot of money so far and im swapping in the Z6 and turboing it so thats gonna cost more LOL I still need to find a EX/Si tranny and a new clutch and flywheel