Honda B18C VTEC Engine Build

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Honda B18C VTEC Engine Build
Head Modifications:
1. Lightly Ported and Polished
2. Ferrea: Stainless Steel Valves and Valve Seats
3. Ferrea: Bronze Valve Guides
4. Crower: Titanium Valve Retainers
5. Crower: Stage 2 Turbo Cams
6. Honda: Valve Seals (Intake and Exhaust)
Block Modifications:
1. Darton: Sleeves M.I.D. System
2. Honda: Factory Forged Crank Girdle
3. Honda: Factory Forged 1.8L Crank
4. Golden Eagle: Forged Stroker 2.0L Crank
5. Crower: Pro Series Billet Steel Connecting Rods
6. JE: 9:1 Compression Forged CromeMolly Pistons
7. ARP: Head Studs
8. Toda: Racing Oil Pump Gear Assembly
9. Moroso: 5qt Oil Pan with Baffles, Pick Up Tube, and Oil Return
10. Honda: Factory Water Pump
11. Fluidamper: Harmonic Balancer
This blocks sleeves where installed by Race Engineering in Pompano Beach, FL and pre-assembled by Mosler’s personal machine shop in Reviera Beach, FL. Mosler also completely balanced everything.
Bolt on’s for Engine Build

Head Modifications:
Intake Side
1. BBK: 50mm Throttle Body
2. Venom: Drag Intake Manifold
3. Vortech: Fuel Rail High Flow and Pressure
4. Aeromotive: External Fuel Pressure Regulator
5. MSD: 1000cc Injectors Low Resistance
Exhaust Side
1. Neukin: T-4 Ram Style Turbo Manifold
2. Precision: PT-67 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo with S-Shroud
3. Tial: V44 Wastgate with Stainless Steel Dump Tube
4. 3-Core Air to Air InterCooler
5. 3†Aluminum Charge Piping
6. GReady: Blow Off Valve
7. Turbonetics: Silicon Couplers and Clamps
8. Neukin: 4†V-Band Stainless Steel Down Pipe Exhaust
9. QTP: 4†Electric Exhaust Cut-Out
Head Bolt On’s (Mis.)
1. Golden Eagle: Cam Seals (for both cams)
2. Golden Eagle: Vacuum Manifold Block
3. AEM: Adjustable Timing Gears
4. Cam Position Sensor Bracket
Block and Transmission Bolt On’s (Mis.)
1. Hasport: Racing Engine Mount Kit
2. Hasport: Hydraulic Clutch to Cable Car Bracket Kit
3. Clutch Masters: Stage 3 Kevlar Clutch Kit
4. Clutch Masters: Light Weight Flywheel
5. Phantom: Limited Slip Differential

Honda Engine Build Extras
1. Electromotive: TEC3 Stand Alone ECU(controls ignition and injection systems)
2. Electromotive: Distributorless Ignition System with Crank Trigger and Individual Coil Packs
3. Electromotive: Stand Alone Fuel Injection System
4. Innovate Motor Sports: LM-2 Wideband O2 with Data Logger
5. GReady: PROfec Boost Controller with Hi-Lo Toggle Capabilities
6. Auto Meter: Boost Gauge up to 30psi
7. PIAA: Head Lights and Fog Lights
8. NGK: Custom Ordered Spark Plugs for 30 Pounds Of Boost
9. Venom: VCN-1000 Computer Controlled Nitrous Dry System
10. Viper: Alarm System with Door Lock Actuators
Hard Parts
1. JE: 11:1 84mm Forged Pistons
2. Golden Eagle: Pro Billet Connecting Rods (for stroker kit)
3. Golden Eagle: Pro Billet Stroker Crank
4. Mickey Thompson: Drag Slicks on Forged Aluminum Wheels
5. Valvoline: 10w-40 Full Race Synthetic Oil
6. Walbro: Quantity (2) 255LPH High Pressure and Volume Fuel Pumps
7. Edelbrok: Intake Manifold
8. Honda: Quantity (2) GSR Transmissions
9. Honda: Spare Factory ECU’s
Toss In’s
Any extra parts that is for this Honda project is “tossed in†Such as a title to a 1991 Honda CRX w/ 8-Point Roll Cage and 12 Piece Black Widow Body Kit. ASKING: $7,500.00 OBO

Please, Only Serious Inquiries!
Harold Sanford
tel(847) 769-1915
whoa, you've had a memebership for 6 years and this is your first post? lol

so are you selling just the engine or the whole car? oh, and pics would help a lot.
yeah, yeah... 6 Years... lol has it been that long? Well, i use to visit for a bit of education... But as far as pictures... coming soon... i have to go around to storage and pull stuff out and get some pictures...

and Yes, i am selling the car with it as a complete package. BUT, the car is down in South Florida... I moved so i brought the engine and all but the car. So, if someone wants that the will have the pleasure of going south and halling it wherever.