honda dealer or regular garage?

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I cant figure out how to fix this electrical problem in my car, its an eg hatch with a d15b swap but the plugs arent getting spark and the ignition wires arent getting power and i cant figure out how to fix this on my own so im wondering what insane amount honda would charge me to fix this or if im better off going to a regular mechanic for it, since its all electrical im clueless. and by the way the motor has brand new distributor (not just cap, the whole thing) brand new plug wires and new plugs. the motor cranks but wont turn over.


If they will work on a swapped car I say dealer too. Some Honda dealers around here wont touch.


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yeah thats what im afraid of, i theres two dealers by my house and hopefully one of them will take it
either that find a local tuner that specializes in honda's. They may be as bad as the dealers though.

most likely it sounds like a ground


know your role!
I checked the grounds a few times because thats what i thought was wrong with it and they all seem fine. and as for tuners near me most of them only deal with wrxs or evos, i actually dont know of any in my area that will do anything with hondas, id most likely have to go up north but my car needs to be towed so it would be a pain in the ass


if you have lots of free time, and about $200 you can learn more from that car than you ever imagined. buy three things. a multi-meter, the service manual for your car, and the service manual for the car in which your motor came. i recommend Service Manuals, Owner Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Service Bulletins - Helm Incorporated as their manuals have very detailed wiring diagrams. once you have those three things and lots of free time, rip into that harness of yours. fix the shady wiring that was done previously on your swap, and remove all the wires you no longer need. by the time you get the thing running, you'll be confident fixing SOOOOO many problems in the future. and really, that's all this hobby is about, once you have the confidence to actually begin a repair, it's all downhill from there.


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Could be a bad coil or something in the dizzy.

You may have bought a new one but doesnt mean it couldnt have been defective.

Do like BrokenRex said, test out the dizzy and learn learn learn.


Stick your plug wires on your finger tips and have someone crank the car. The wiring will magically fix itself and shock the everloving piss out of you. Its a voodoo/sacrificial kind of fix, but it works.

Seriously though, I vote to go the multimeter / manual route. You'll learn more about your car, know that it was done right, and might fix a few other things along the way that you had no idea were even wrong.


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If they will work on a swapped car I say dealer too. Some Honda dealers around here wont touch.

Ya they hate my car at Honda, well only the older guys do, they dont like older (especially swapped) hondas anymore. Just new, still in warranty, driven by clueless old people. However the younger guys love my car.

I have mixed feelings about them, mechanical stuff and suspension works they have done a good job, but electrical stuff they dont seem to have much of a clue.... most of them didnt know what a B16a was :(.... its as if Honda isnt Japanese.


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I say Multimeter too....

You might get more structured responses if you give more info.
What Dizzy? What "everything" that is attached to the spark of the car?


Honda Minion
If everything that was changeed is for the D15....then I say its wiring.....

Yes....Multimeter. Learn about your car/motor and gain knowledge
while keeping
$ cash $ in your pocket.

Helms is nice....but you can find out volts/ohm loads for your
solenoids/relays/wiring in general ONLINE if you search

Take that multimeter and go to town