honda element

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hey any one see anything about the honda element i think it's kinda hott what does everyone else think
I dont know, i saw it at this car show about 2 weeks ago and i thought it was too big. True i like how honda put a little bit diffrent styling ques on it than most companys would, but i have never really liked SUVs. I think that honda should go back to its roots and try to make good SMALL cars, not try to invade on american companys with their giant suvs. Hondas cars are all way too big. The si, civic, and accord are all way too big and i dont like the move honda has been making with bigger and bigger cars. I would like to see honda come out with a car the size of a Rex or a Sol if not smaller
to me.. it lacks the pimpin honda styling. Like when i look at civics and accords, crxs, preludes, etc. they look good to me. To me it looks big and bulky, like a life size tonka toy.

however 2.4 i-vtec isnt to shabby. and "real time" awd, sounds like some good parts for a really bad ass, and really custom swap.
it looks like a baby x-terra. yea, honda needs to wake up. they didnt get to be so respected by trying to chase fads. i guess after the founder died, things went lax.
Originally posted by TrailorParkPimp@Oct 15 2002, 11:44 PM
hmmm...i wonder what one would look like layed out...

LMAO just the thought of that is funny!

BTW, i didn't mean its ugly, just that its well...cutesy. and the thing about honda waking up is cause IMO they are skimping on us stateside. now that i think of it, JDM hondas probably kick ass back there in the homeland.
they have em at my honda dealship and they dont look like that at all................ they look like a passport and a crv fucked and it was the out come