Honda Prelude Question...

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Hello, I cam across your website today and saw your tech questions. I myself have a question for you about my car, and I can't figure out what the problem is. I own a 92 honda prelude si with the 2.3 liter. Recently I just rebuilt my engine from top to bottom, put it all back together and everything seems to run ok, except for the fact that it smokes alot out of the exhaust. and it kinda looks like white smoke and a little blue..i dont think it could be my coolant cus I had it checked out, and for some reason when my oil light comes on the car stops smoking and when i put more oil in, it starts to smoke more ..I don't know if it could be the rings, but i had those replaced. and the head was sent out to a machine shop to be worked on so I don't think it is the valve seals. it also idles up and down from 1000rpm to 3000rpm. i also looked inside my intake tube and i see some oil in there..the car is beating the crap out of me and i can't figure it out... Any help will be greatful, this is just driving me nuts..well, thanks for all your help if you have any idea.



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I hate to say it but I think you're going to have to tear the bottom end down again. The problem is you are getting massive blow by and the reason that your engine smoothes out when the oil light comes on is there is not enough oil left to foul the plugs. When the bottom was rebulit were the cylinders honed if so was the correct pattern used for the rings that were put in. Also what was used to measure and file the rings before they were installed. The only other possibility that could be causing your problem and it's not likely is that your pcv system is completely blocked off but like I said it's not likely.