Honda S2000 2000-2004 Propeller Shaft and Universal Joints


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Ronny Cage

just as a heads up anyone with a older s2000... 2000-2001 etc..... yea def buy the allen bolts for removal and replacement, ive removed them several times while doing clutch and the stage 2 diff and theres no easy way around not stripping the 6mm allen bolts. there is a different model number for the front and the rear bolts as a heads up.

^part numbers for the bolts. makes life easier in the future.


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I have a s2000, 2000 year, and the propeller shaft is totally worn and needs replacement. The part is 1600 dollars. Is there any cheaper option that using the Honda manufacturer for that part?

If not, anyone want to buy the original s2000 with the 9000 rpm red line? Only problem is the damn right, rear propeller shaft.