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Well, I went to Disneyland yesterday and they had a show with Honda's latest robot named Asimo. He still walks like a robot just a little faster and is 100 times more mobile. They had him walking up stairs and back down.

Now the only thing that got me to thinking that Asimo isn't as "smart" as they are claiming because when the guy doing the presentation asked him how tall he was, Asimo answered and the guy was only halfway through the question. Made me think that everything programmed into him was more or-so put into him specifically for the show.

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i've seen that thing on TV before it looks kinda doens't have a brain so you kinda gotta give it some credit lol


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well its defently alot more advanced then the old robot that honda had 10-15 years ago. In that one, one of the demos that they had was walking up stairs, however, what was revealed later, if those stairs were just slightly diffrent (either longer/shorter raise or run) that robot would have came tumbling down. To top it off, there was a huge team working behind the scenes just opperating a bunch of remotes and the robot was nothing more then a high tech puppet. The new Asimo is defently more advanced, but there is no thing as TRUE artifical inteligence. The human brain can connect previous situations with current ones, can understand sarcasm, have true emmotions, can plan for the future ect. Robots with "AI" can only trane itself to respond to something after it has happen. Yes, it "learns" but it can not link some really distant concept to a situation.


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It was programmed for the show. It doesn't have that clear of an AI yet, no one does.

At the 1999 Javit's auto show, the Mitsubishi demonstrator got caught in a show-off like that. He did a demo out of order, and someone pointed to a huge control panel with a woman behind it at the other end of the room. I walked.

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Why show off "technology" when it doesn't really exist ? I mean are people really going to boo when you say "We have built a bipedal walker, but its not actually sentient". It's false advertising.


Yea, I saw that in person during an exhibition tour, pretty amazing and creepy at the same time. You thing Honda will make an Asimo Type R(unning)??? :ph34r:



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I think.....

in 20 years there will be readily working and purchasable robots...

In 40 years they'll be able to comprehend things...

In 50 years there will be more robots than humans...

See 50 years ago they said this too. But 50 years ago they didn't have the technology we do today, they attempted to develop robots but were never even close to successful.

Years upon years of research will have an end result, we just don't know what that is.