HONDASWAP.COM Stickers are in!!


the pic sucks... but you get the idea.

it got a litte screwed up on my non-sticky monitor, so it came out crooked a little bit- lol but thats what they look like.


$3 each shipped

4 for $10 shipped

At this time, I am ONLY taking paypal and will ONLY ship to the included verified address. if you aren't verified, don't buy one. I do't have time to chase down address and manage 2312312 messages for these things. verify your address, then order.

if you dont have paypal, find a friend near you who does or get your own account.

I will be shipping only a couple times a week, most likely twice a week at first, and later, once a week when things calm down a little bit. so don't expect it tomorrow.
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Thank you for your business.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Apr 1 2004, 01:47 AM
you'll hounded me for months to get these. and Massey is the only person who has bought a pair.


lol I gotta go to the bank tomorrow to confirm what I have deposited from paypal before I withdraw it to paypal...then i'll order some. :)


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b, why not a buy 2? Well, I will be ordering once I get home. Don't really thing our school's server is too secure.


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I dont have paypal or a credit card or any sort of electronic payment so ill have to send a money order or cash. I want 4. So give me your address so I can send em