Hondaswapper SCREWED - Need Help

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I got ahold of this fucking Prelude. It's a red 1991, auto SI. The clearcoat on it is fucked, it's got a baseball-sized dent on the fender. But it ran good. That is, until the guy tried to screw me.

I showed up "This car isn't worth $2000. It's worth like, fuckin half that. And I'm offering you half of that, but honestly I could find a better deal"

he says "Well, you know my cousin is offering me $2200 in case you back down"

"Fine, Good luck with that"

So his cousin takes it. Cousin (Who's a 16 year old piece of shit) takes the car, without paying for it. He'll "Owe it until he gets paid". Takes the car to a mechanic, who says "This car has a blown head gasket". The kid says "No way, I don't want this fuckin thing"

So the original guy calls me back "$1000, it's yours" So I arrange for it to be brought to my friend's house.

And wait. I wait and wait. "It's gonna be there tonight" never shows up. I'm pissed. I have to track this cousin kid down and get ornery with the retard.

"Are you just beating on the car now?"
"No, I've been working. I'm real sorry, I'll bring it back"

So 8 days goes by. I'm really really pissed. But I'm told that the car is sitting in his driveway, and he's NOT beating on it. I finally go to get it.

It's fuckin beat. He must have spent a good 4 days plowing around town in that thing, there is oil ON THE HEAD COVER. So I say "Let me take this up the road to my friends house, and we'll see what I've got" And I start it up. It runs like absolute shit. I'm shooting flames from my eye sockets. I take a right out of the driveway, go up the road and BLAM!. Motor is gone.

I am RIPPING PISSED RIGHT NOW. IF anyone wants a 91 Prelude with a dent in the passenger side, a touch of rust on the driver's rear fender and an AUTOMATIC, I need to recoup something before I start taking people to one of two places:

1. Court
2. The Graveyard.

$500. Title and cart it off. It's a red SI with good glass, sawblades. It's not a 4WS one. I originally got it in auto to give to my mother, but that ain't happenin now.


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Originally posted by civicious@May 16 2005, 10:02 PM
Um...and you gave the kid the money WHY?
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Werd....I still dont exactly understand this part.....???


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Posted in haste. Heads will roll. I don't wanna pass on the devil's prelude to anyone.

But if you need parts, lemme know.

NFS. Blood pressure dropping. Plans coming together.

-> Steve

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