Hondata Or Pistons/rods

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I have a turbocharged honda with an MSD BTM for ignition timing and an Addition injector controller(2 440cc injectors) and a V-AFC for fuel tuning! I am planning on getting rods and pistons and running around 12-15 psi on a T3/T4 I think the trim is .60 on the compressor side and .48 on the turbine side, I am checking on that. Do you think it would be better to get the Hondata and just run like 9 psi on stock bottom end for now or get the rods/pistons and get it tuned by an Apex-i cetified shop and run like 12-15 psi.
Another bonus on not swaping to Hondata is I would then have the V-AFC, MSD-BTM and additional injector controller that would do me no good any more!
Its an F23a1 Vtec engine. The problem is that its OBD 2 so I have to buy all the extra stuff to convert it and it seems like with good tuning what I have now will be fine especially at only like 12-15 psi, and then once I save up I can switch to Hondata.